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WordCamp 2020 in Belgium – Call for organisers

Organisers WordCamp Antwerp 2018

Yay! At the last meetup organisers get-together, six of us spoke the magic words: there will be a new WordCamp in Belgium in the spring of 2020!

If you wanna help organizing, this is your chance!

Being an organizer means you make a commitment to the community to co-create this already awesome open source event, and you realize this will cost quite some time, work, patience and lots of energy. Look at it as a rather big pro deo project. But it’s also lots of fun and much kudos will await you, that’s a promise. And a plus: you’ll make up for your ‘five for the future’ for the whole year 😉

Date? March / April 2020
Location? Antwerp.
Language? English (meetings will be in Dutch if it is an all-dutch-speaking organising team)

Honestly? We’ll go ahead and organize a WordCamp anyway. But if you want to be a part of the core organising team: act now and fill out the form below!
(If you don’t want to co-organize, but you already know you want to volunteer, sponsor or apply as a speaker: let us know! We’ll have a head start and we’ll know where to find you when the applications open.)

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