How to contribute

You are using WordPress but want to know more? Connect with others? Join the community and start to contribute to WordPress. Be part of the thousands volunteers around the globe contributing to the opensource WordPress project.

Join us on Slack or attend a Meetup or WordCamp might be your first step.

Start contributing today

You can find more information on how to start contributing on the site where all the different teams behind the opensource project can be found. A nice PDF overview can be found here.

Our advise would be to check out the different teams, what they do, when they do slack meetings and join the conversations. All teams connect and communicate through the official WordPress slack instance. Join them here.

The more easy teams to start in are:
– Polyglots: translate WordPress in your own language.
– Support: help other people on the forums.

Have fun contributing!

Want to speak at a meetup?

Please do! We’re always looking for (lightning) talks, showcases, someone who might give a workshop to his/her peers, …

Submit your talk/showcase proposal!