Filip Van Reeth – The Webbird base theme

A long-time member of our meetup group, Filip Van Reeth shows us the base setup and the base theme they use at Webbird. Building the local install with wp-cli, adding their own bootstrap theme and plugins on the fly, they can start developing really fast.

The bootstrap theme includes a lot of handy snippets, from tiny handy stuff like ‘do not forget to change the admin email on go live’-notices in the admin and ‘push the Yoast SEO box to the bottom’ to sets of enhancement snippets to much-used plugins like WooCommerce and a list of possibly usefull shortcodes. In the theme settings (in php) they define per project which files they’ll include in the new custom theme.

The theme is built with composer, sass and grunt (in the grunt file options for postcss and to compress the distribution build as a .zip, so the client could just upload the theme like a regular WP theme). Webbird doesn’t use any known frontend frameworks; they’ve built their own HTML/CSS/JS base, based on the BEM-methodology.

The whole setup for a new project takes +/- 20-25 minutes, so with a minimum amount of setup time and configuration they can take off developing the new design and functionality the new project needs.

After the meetup, Filip proposed a joint-project idea: to get together and create a WordPress site filled with our most popular snippets. A lot of us use a base set of snippets in a lot of projects, some we made ourselves, others found on the interwebs. While sharing those snippets we can learn, get feedback, discover new killer-snippets and have fun on the way. Interested to join this community project? Let us know! [email protected]



By Veerle Verbert

Working with WordPress since 2006 and I love the openness & power. I try to give back by helping as much as I can & co-organising the monthly WordPress Meetup Antwerp and the Antwerp WordCamps. Together with Werner, we work on custom themes & integrations in our tiny WP agency Con Impeto.

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