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Peer 2 Peer helpdesk

About climate change, the internet, our responsibility and our Christmas drink

Recap WPAntwerp — Structured data 30/10/2019

WordSesh Live Stream Party recap

WPAntwerp – WP Rewrite Rules 17/09/2019

WPAntwerp – Short talks 13/06/2019

Learn CSS Deeply (WPMA)

Learning resources for the web & WordPress

Vacature: co-organiser(s) WPMA (v/m/x)

WPMA 27/09/2018: Gutenberg etc

Invite voor de Meta-Meetup

WordPress will be 15yrs on May 27th. How shall we celebrate? (Update!)

WPMA: Voorstelling van WordCamp Antwerp + voorstelling & workshop sprekersbegeleiding

Wendie Huis in ‘t Veld — Workshop sprekersbegeleiding

WordCamp Antwerp 2018