Learning resources for the Web & WordPress

“Where do I start?”, “Where do I go next?”
Questions we often hear at meetups, WordCamps or people passing/mailing/tweeting by.

This blogpost is an attempt to provide a starting point, or to help you find the ‘next step’ or the ‘next guide’. The list contains handy learning resources and tips for both web in general and more specific for WordPress.

A thank you to Tom Hermans, Frank Goossens, Veerle Verbert, Jeroen Rotty, Pascal Casier and many others for adding tips!

Did we miss a link/tip? Add yours via the comment form. Tips can be anything: what helped you get started, what got you re-started and what resources do you still go to on a regular basis?

Table of contents

Ad hoc resources

Resources for quick help with issues & help/documentation resources of projects.

Meeting peers (meetup, conferences, ..)


Video resources (not explicitly courses)

Blogs etc (personal)

Including personal blogs, twitter accounts, twitter lists etc.

Blogs etc (non-personal)

tool tip:, helps you organise your reading list.



tool tip: Pocket Casts or Google Podcasts, podcast apps

WordPress podcasts:

General web & tech podcasts:

Looking for motivation?

  • propose a lightning talk (or longer) at your meetup group: pick a topic, learn & experiment and go out to share your newly gathered knowledge! (pick a reasonable date & then you have a deadline so you don’t procrastinate 😉
  • find a partner or mentor (ask around at your meetup group if anyone is interested)

Did we miss a link/tip? Add yours via the comment form.

Is a resource outdated? Let us know in the comments!

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