WPMA: Showcases!

Presenteer je WordPress showcase!

Thursday, Jan 19, 2017, 7:00 PM

Via Via Café
Wolstraat 43 Antwerpen, BE

19 WordPress Enthusiasts Went

WordPress showcase avond!Een informele avond waarbij er 3 à 4 showcases van websites en projecten worden getoond door onze meetup leden.  Dus geen formele talks, maar showcases.Enkele puntjes over je showcase:• Slides zijn niet nodig• Toon je wp-admin, welke plugins/theme je hebt gebruikt• Bepreek je werkwijze, welke themes of starters/custom…

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Since Dave and Veerle were too lazy to round up some ‘invited speakers’, they called the meetup members to present their projects. Three responded quite immediately (big thanks!):

Go ahead and check out their ‘showcase’. We even added the presentations in video (don’t shoot the shooter: the recordings were made with a phone, but with great audio quality thx to Dave’s clip on mike — so even when you don’t see a thing, you’ll still be able to understand the speaker 😉 )

After the meetup, Filip proposed a joint-project idea: to get together and create a WordPress site filled with our most popular snippets. A lot of us use a base set of snippets in a lot of projects, some we made ourselves, others found on the interwebs. While sharing those snippets we can learn, get feedback, discover new killer-snippets and have fun on the way.

Interested to join this community project? Let us know!
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By Veerle Verbert

Working with WordPress since 2006 and I love the openness & power. I try to give back by helping as much as I can & co-organising the monthly WordPress Meetup Antwerp and the Antwerp WordCamps. Together with Werner, we work on custom themes & integrations in our tiny WP agency Con Impeto.

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