Our First Meetup


Our first meetup is planned on Thursday June 22nd, 2017. We start at 19:00.

Let me introduce you Job Thomas:

Job is the only Belgian in the WooCommerce team at Automattic. He leads one of the WooCommerce support teams. He’s been working with WordPress for about 10 years, and mostly enjoys just breaking things in order to learn. Since 2013, he’s been living in Cape Town, but misses West-Vleteren 12 and Belgian mayo a lot.”

Yes, Job is his first name. He will give us a talk about configuring and installing Woocommerce. With his background as a Lead Support Engineer @ Automattic, there’s no reason not to come. We will make time for a Q&A after his talk!

Call for second speaker

I’m also looking for a second speaker for our first meetup. If you know someone who wants to get to Ieper and join our group, or you want to give a talk yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can find the Information about where our meetup is held, on the info page.

Thanks and see you in June!

If you have plans visiting Ieper after or before, I can provide tourist information.


By Jeroen Rotty

Fell in love with open-source software. At Sitefly, I develop, host, maintain & optimize WordPress websites. I contribute to the project as a GTE for both nl_NL and nl_BE, and I'm an active moderator on the .org forums. I also organize WordPress Meetup Kortrijk (previously Ieper).

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