Gutenberg Theme Night

We have organised a theme night on 17 January 2019 focusing on Gutenberg, the new block editor in WordPress. We have had a lot of attendees that are WP users, but also a couple of developers.

We (Csaba Varszegi & Veerle Verbert) would like to share our slides and the links we’ve collected when preparing for this night.

Gutenberg theme night

Thursday, Jan 17, 2019, 7:00 PM

Via Via Café
Wolstraat 43 Antwerpen, BE

32 WordPress Enthusiasts Went

Vanavond short talks en demo’s over Gutenberg-ready thema’s: over Twenty Nineteen, over hoe je een thema Gutenberg compatibel maakt, over Gutenberg starter thema’s en voorbeelden. Met ruimte voor Q&A. Timing: 19:00 – +/-21:30 Programma: – Csaba Varszegi over “De mogelijkheden van WordPress in Twenty Nineteen” + Q&A Met de release van WordPress 5.0 …

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The presentations

“The possibilities of WordPress in Twenty Nineteen” — Csaba Varszegi

With the release of WordPress 5.0 we have a new default editor (aka the Block Editor, aka Gutenberg). And we got a new default WordPress theme: Twenty Nineteen. Twenty Nineteen makes full use of the new possibilities of Gutenberg. Csaba briefs us about the choices made in the (ultra-short) development process of Twenty Nineteen and guides us through the theme.

“Make your theme Gutenberg-compatible (basics)” — Veerle Verbert

Starter tips to make an existing or new theme Gutenberg-ready. With lots of references to starter themes, tutorials and documentation.

The links mainly focus on Gutenberg ready themes, Twenty Nineteen and getting your own theme ready for Gutenberg (basics).

Gutenberg ready themes

Twenty Nineteen

Example sites running on Twenty Nineteen

Starter themes

Starter content


The Gutenberg handbook is probably the first source you need to look at. It has a couple of interesting sections:

Some other useful links, especially for users are:

Courses & tutorials

Block & advanced courses & tutorials

Gutenberg ready plugins

You can find plugins in the WP repository that offer blocks for the block-based editor via this link:

Jumpstarters custom blocks

By Csaba Varszegi

I am a web designer and developer. I enjoy creating simple, uncluttered websites with a small footprint as LittleBigThings.
I love WordPress, the community and contributing as much as I can.

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